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May 14, 2024

My son was diagnosed with a serious mental illness 25 years ago. During that time, we moved him around several times trying to find the best care available. We never found the right fit for him. He was deteriorating and was very hard to manage resulting in frequent hospital stays and police involvement. 

In August of last year, when he was at his lowest point, we arranged for him to be placed at Bairn Croft. The transformation in him was remarkable. The care he is receiving from the staff has been life changing for all of us, but most importantly, for my son. He is well-groomed, receiving the necessary medical care, and has established programs in place to support his ongoing progress. I quickly found out unlike the other places he has been, this is not just supportive living, but truly a treatment center. 

My son now reaches out to me daily to have pleasant conversations or share a laugh. He is happy, content, and is reclaiming the quality of life he once had. This is something I have not experienced in many years. I feel like I got my son back. His progress is a testament to the wonderful care and treatment he receives from Bairn Croft staff.    


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