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A place where everyone belongs.


Our team.

Our Bairn Croft team is made up of a diverse collection of driven and passionate individuals. Their love for others creates a genuine desire to understand the people they serve. They never give up or back down from any challenges. Always operating with care and empathy, they work together to create an inclusive and understanding community that makes a real difference in the lives of our clients. Their commitment to our mission ensures our programs and services are always of the highest quality.
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Our offerings.

We offer housing, support, day programs, and much more to serve the needs of our clients and community. No matter your situation, we have programs that will offer the support and care you need. Everything we do is tailored to help people with special needs live more rewarding, joyful, and independent lives.
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Our story.

Bairn Croft Residential Services (BCRS) was established in 1996 as a way to help people with intellectual disabilities and other special needs live full and fulfilling lives. Our founders Jason Moore and Heather Jenkin have spent their lives serving and understanding people with these types of complex needs, and Bairn Croft was a way to create a loving community for them to truly belong. And that is what we are today.
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Our mandate.

We know the power of understanding. Of being understood. That is why we always promise to take the time, effort, and empathy to truly get to know each and every one of our clients. We strive to help them live joyful and meaningful lives, and only a true understanding can help us achieve that. Each individual is unique and special, and all are welcome to come be understood at Bairn Croft. We are a community of complete acceptance.

Our clients.

Our Bairn Croft clients are unique individuals—youth or adults who have complex special needs. They come from loving families and caregivers who play a big role in supporting them, but they come to us needing help. We welcome them with open arms of understanding. Our clients are beautiful and amazing individuals, and our role is to help each of them realize their full potential. We love our clients.
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