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Our day programs provide a daily space for clients to come learn, develop, and have fun. Each of our programs are designed to enhance the quality of life for participants, no matter their needs. Our day program coordinators regularly collaborate with our clinical team and use an Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) approach to help participants thrive.

Branches Recreational Day Programs

Our recreational programs are well balanced and structured to promote healthy life skills, fitness, cooperation, relaxation, and fun for everyone. These programs utilize a wide range of local facilities, community organizations, parks, and beaches. The primary purpose of these recreational program is to provide skill development, adaptive social behaviour, and structured learning within the community.
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Branches Work Experience (WE) Day Programs

Our work experience programs focus on teaching job readiness skills. Participants will engage in a variety of activities and tasks designed to help prepare them to find and maintain a job. They will learn to create a resume, work with numbers, interview skills, safe handling of cleaning products, and more.
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Branches Satellite Day Programs

Our satellite programs offer participants a chance to learn and develop skills remotely. There are many incentive programs, including car washing, event preparation, food services, landscaping, and more. Each participant receives an individualized program plan along with a portfolio to track their progress. Participants are even able to receive payment for completed tasks.
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Additional Programs

We offer a number of other recreational programs for additional registration fees. These programs exist both during the day and after business hours. While these programs are primarily focused on recreation, they do still include components of skill development.
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After Hours Programs/Virtual Programs

Our after hours programs are created to assist in building and developing life skills. Designed to be both fun and creative, our staff always ensure everyone is engaged and learning from start to finish. We provide many different courses including: Arts & Crafts, Science, Culinary Skills, Games Night, Movie Night, and Culture Night. These programming courses are available both in person and virtually, and they support prepackaged, contactless pick of supplies for virtual learners.
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