May 28, 2021

Satiation occurs when a person has experienced a particular reinforcer to such an extent that it is temporarily no longer reinforcing. Despite the fact that this effect is temporary, it can actually last for an extended period of time. To avoid this undesired effect of satiation it is ideal to vary the reinforcers that are offered to an individual. Variation in reinforcers can be as easy as using different looking stickers or stamps on a tracking sheet, choosing different edibles such as M&M’s, a cookie, a few chips, or cheese sticks. Another good way of creating choice of reinforcers is to create a treasure chest of items the person can earn. Generally, these things should not exceed $5.00 and can be food or other items such as eye make-up, toy cars, batteries for their IPod, cool socks, dollar store toys, colouring books etc. This treasure chest is a great way to get the person involved in their own reinforcement program as they can suggest what they want in the treasure box. Remember, if the item is being offered as a reinforcer it should not be available at other times or until it is earned. This makes the item more desirable and therefore the person is going to work harder to get it.

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