House Appreciation Highlights

October 4, 2023

House Appreciation Highlights

French Hill has perfected their daily operations, adapting seamlessly to substantial changes in recent months. They consistently rise to the challenge, continually exceeding client expectations.

The Joseph Drouin residence has truly excelled in enhancing its curb appeal and skillfully utilizing passport dollars. Their meticulous focus on details has guaranteed our clients a wonderful summer experience. They've organized a variety of engaging activities, including camping, kayaking, Laser Tag, refreshing nature walks, and creative Michael's craft sessions!

Trim has excelled in implementing the routines established after Branches Day Program. Their commitment to structure and consistency has earned accolades from placement agencies. The incorporation of visual aids for our clients has proven to be a valuable addition, significantly contributing to maintaining a well-organized and harmonious environment within the house.

Emmett has dedicated significant effort to customizing daily routines to suit each client's unique needs. While this has presented its fair share of challenges, the entire staff has risen to the occasion. The collective team's actions highlight their recognition of the importance of establishing and maintaining structured routines.

The Barnett staffing team for their unwavering commitment to prioritizing our clients. Their actions exemplify the core values of Bairn Croft, where the client's well-being always takes precedence over everything else.

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