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At Bairn Croft Residential Services, we understand you. We serve some of the most vulnerable and dependent populations in society by providing them and their families with an accepting and supportive community. They live in a world that just doesn’t understand them and seemingly isn’t even willing to try. But we do. Whether they require around the clock care at one of our residential homes or just need a little support to get their college degree, we take the time to understand so that we can serve.
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A labour of understanding.

We offer a stunning range of programs and services to serve people with a wide variety of different situations and needs. Our residential services provide a loving and nurturing place to live for people with intellectual disabilities and complex needs—we give them a home. We also offer day programs, foster homes, collaborative care, and clinical services that give our clients the ability to reach their full potential and live a happy and fulfilling life.
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Satiation occurs when a person has experienced a particular reinforcer to such an extent that it is temporarily no longer reinforcing. Despite the fact that this effect is temporary, it can actually last for an extended period of time. To avoid this undesired effect of satiation it is ideal to vary the reinforcers that are […]
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The Impact of Consequences

Most people consider consequences to be negative things that happen in response to a maladaptive behaviour. In reality, a consequence is anything that follows behaviour. Consequences can be undesirable as is the case when not earning a sticker, losing your wallet, being hungry, loss of a privilege etc.  However, these consequences can also be desired […]
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Staff Appreciation Highlight


Sarah has been working with the agency since May 2014.  Sarah is the epitome of consistency.  Sarah makes a significant positive impact daily in the ...... Read More


Organizing your Environment


One of the most effective ways to manage behaviour is to organize the environment. It is our job to make ...... Read More

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